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Assaad Jmal, PhD
4 min readJul 17, 2021
The Sqribble Logo (from their Website)

In this blog post, I’ll talk about a very powerful tool(in my opinion) that will allow you to create ebooks in any major niche that you need, in a matter of five minutes (yes, that’s possible). We’ll go through what it does, who it’s for, and the benefits of this ​tool, so you can decide whether or not it’s good for you. The tool is called “Sqribble”. But to begin with, let’s answer the following question: What can be considered as an ebook?… The answer is that “Ebooks” is a broad term, they can be particularly: Reports, Guides, Blueprints, Whitepapers, Lead Magnets, PDFs, Digital Info-products, and so on.

Sqribble’s most notable features

Basically, Sqribble lets you have professional-looking eBooks with a few clicks, using ready-made templates, which will save you time and money. Unlike other eBook-making software, Sqribble drew my interest as it offers some outstanding features that I haven’t seen before. Here are some of these amazing features:

Automatic content — Yes, Sqribble can fill your book with professional content without you having to write a single word. This is material from around the web, based on the URL you enter. All you need is to put any URL you want, and the software will automatically generate the content from that URL and insert it into the ebook. You can also extract it from a Word doc, or use their own library of specialist articles. This is a complete game-changer, an actual time-saver for anyone who doesn’t have the time to write or despises writing.

>> You can have a look at Sqribble, right away, here. <<

Beautiful eCovers — While several eBook tools save time, they produce poor eCovers for your books. Sqribble isn’t the same here. The covers are very stunning. They’d look perfect on Amazon or Kindle, and anyone who sees them would say you’re a pro who commands authority and respect.

Create Flipbooks — This is one of my favorite features of Sqribble, as you can get really interactive flipbooks. This means that your digital book will appear more like an actual physical book, with pages that turn (Your final ebook will be animated like a real book page turning) and the appearance of a book you can reach out and hold.

Why does this matter?

It’s all about attracting attention and sticking out. It’s also a strategy to further engage your audience. They’re more likely to acquire value from your content and remain reading until the finish (where your pitch or call to action is) if they love the experience of reading your book (“turning” the pages). Another advantage of flipbooks is that you can embed them on your website using a simple piece of code provided by Sqribble once your book is published.

This is a Youtube Video for you, to better understand what Sqribble is like.

Who is it for?

Sqribble is perfect for freelancers, online marketers, small marketing agencies, and small business owners who wish to build lead magnets, publish Kindle books, make and sell eBooks, or publish whitepapers.

If you seek a way to grow your income, you’ll be glad to know that Sqribble provides a commercial agency license. Thanks to this license, you’ll be able to use it for client work and offer eBook creation services, you’ll be able to create unlimited eBooks that you can sell and keep all of the profits for you.

You’ll also have the access to a pre-built agency website with its pre-filled portfolio which you can post to any domain for instant authority and show off to any new potential clients. (Such a Website would cost you no less than $600. It’s a great deal.)

Not only that, a built-in “Client feedback tool” makes it easier to engage with clients on eBook projects (which is also great).

What else?

Sqribble is a flexible tool with a plethora of additional capabilities that are handy. Here’s an illustration of what else Sqribble can do:

  • 50 Templates: Sqribble comes built-in with 50 hot templates, within 15 different niches.
  • 300 Style layouts
  • Powerful Editor
  • Headers & Footers
  • Link Insertion: You can insert URL links as hyperlinks in your ebook.
  • Readable on all devices: The produced ebooks are readable on all devices and optimized for mobile viewing.
  • Client Management Dashboard: When you get a new client, you simply add him to your client dashboard to keep track of clients and manage projects easily. You can add, edit and remove clients that you’ve finished working with.
  • Doesn’t need installation + Compatible with all computers
  • A 30-day Satisfaction Warranty, to test


This great software costs 67$, an amazing price taking into consideration all the features I have mentioned above.

Is it everything?

No!… There are 4 other Sqribble products that unlock more features. These upsell are Sqribble Professional, Sqribble Prime, Sqribble Fantasia 3D, and Sqribble Auto Job Finder.

The Guy behind Sqribble

The creator behind it is Adeel Chowdhry (and this is the link to his website), a number one bestseller and a Top online entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in the digital industry, having generated over eight-figure revenues. He has been launching products since 2007 on sites like ClickBank, JVZoo, and others, and he holds regular events around the globe.

>> You can access Sqribble here <<

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