Bed “Exercise” Eliminates Back Pain?

Relieve Back-Pain In Bed

Assaad Jmal, PhD
2 min readOct 3, 2021
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Eliminate Back Pain In Seconds

…With One Gentle Bed “Exercise”.

According to some reports, the #1 cause of nagging low back pain isn’t your posture, injuries, or even genetics. It’s a muscle buried deep near your pelvis that’s often overlooked.

The muscle responsible for the lower back pain

When this muscle contracts, it presses down on your spine’s delicate nerves, causing stabbing low back pain, sciatica, and shooting sensations down your leg. Not good…

Fortunately, you can start right now with a gentle movement. It targets this muscle directly to relieve your lower back pain… And to no surprise, the $100 billion-a-year Back Pain Industry is furious he’s done it.

Some specialists from Harvard, Stanford, and Yale have verified this simple “bed exercise”.

This means people suffering from chronic pain can get instant relief from backaches and sciatica…

End years of agony and torture…

And take advantage of a pain-free treatment that is both quick and mild.

Skeptical? Watch this short video for proof:
>> Eliminate back pain in seconds with this gentle“bed workout.”

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