How to Make Money for real?… How to Build Your Own Business

A roadmap to reach a financial freedom

Assaad Jmal, PhD
3 min readNov 5, 2022
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It’s not a secret that you, me, and everybody looks for more money and looks for wealth. And this fact is more intense in our days, with this global economic crisis.

It’s not a secret, too, that most people around the world are just employees, who don’t own their time and depend on the salaries they receive monthly… And it’s natural that every one of these people dreams of improving their lifestyle and being wealthy. That’s not a secret too!!

Now the question is: “Is there any formula, any proven strategy, any detailed path, to reach this financial freedom??”

This question was resonating in my head for a long time until I discovered the “12 Months to $1 Million” book, By Ryan Daniel Moran.

The book is about how to create and scale an e-commerce business that can ultimately be acquired by a larger company to give you a major payout.

The book goes step by step on how to do that, from like coming up with the idea, to market, to scaling the business, to selling. But to me, the huge takeaway was the whole idea of building a brand, specifically about not just selling products, but actually building a brand.

If you have a brand, your customers come back to you, they are seeking you out, to see what you are selling.

According to the book, the way to build a brand is to start with what the author calls the “Core Customer”, and identify who your core customer is, what he needs, and what he wants… And that’s how you come up with the first product that you’re gonna sell.

The book goes through the how-to, on how to come to market. And then, when you’re ready for the second product, you go back to that core customer, and your second product should be exactly the next thing your core customer would buy from you.

The idea is that, after you have a few products, these products would speak directly to one person. And somebody that’s interested in one of your products is going to be interested in all of your products.

The book explains a 10-step roadmap to earning that first $1 Million. And these steps are divided into 3 stages:

1/ “The Grind” stage, which shall go through the first 4 months, and contains the 5 first steps.

2/ “The Growth” stage, which shall go on from month 5 to month 9 (the next 3 steps).

3/ and finally, “The Gold” stage, for the final 2 months (the next final 2 steps).

The book is really interesting and cool, and you should totally read it if you’re interested in creating a brand and building your own real business, and becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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