Viddyoze Review— Create Your Motion Graphic Animations in Minutes

Viddyoze can be the motion graphic animation tool you’re looking for.

Assaad Jmal, PhD
4 min readAug 6, 2021
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If you have an online-based business, have your own website, a social media business account, a youtube channel, or anything like that, then I guess you’re aware of the importance of motion graphic videos, to highlight your business and attract more engaged visitors.

In this post, I’ll be showing you how you can quickly create motion graphic animations directly online, without the use of any video editing software.

Having motion graphics and cool text animations in your videos really raises the production value of your videos. And I know that not everybody (me included) is fluent in creating these motion graphics by themselves. So, I’m going to present you a great tool, called “Viddyoze”, that will allow you to create your own motion graphics, titles and logo animations, and pretty cool animation effects, with just a few clicks.

Viddyoze briefly explained

The first thing I’d like to emphasize is that Viddyoze is not a full video editor. You really need to be 100% aware that you’re not going to have video editing software. This is just a template software, that will make it possible and easy for you to create short but stunning and high-quality motion graphic videos, on the basis of their library of templates. When you log in to the platform and go to the templates page, you’ll have different categories of templates, and in each category, you’ll see the templates available for you. And for each template, you’ll have where to put your logo or your text. You make your edits, you generate and you download your cool-looking animations, as simple as that.

>> You can access Viddyoze here <<

Why Viddyoze?

Having cool text animations can really spice up your videos, and as I mentioned above, this can really attract more engaged people to your web page. If you’re not familiar with creating motion graphic videos, the standard solution is to go into freelancing platforms, like Upwork or Fiverr, and hire an expensive freelancer each time you need to include a new animation on your platform. Now, this is where Viddyoze comes in. Thanks to this amazing website, there is no more need to waste your time and money. You have no longer to spend days waiting for the work to be done by a freelancer. You can have it done and finished within minutes using Viddyoze. And you don’t have to spend money, each time you need a new video. Just make one purchase, and enjoy making videos forever.

The animations inside this piece have been created using Viddyoze

Some Features of Viddyoze

Feature 1: Template Ratios

With the updated version of Viddyoze, more template ratios are available. In the previous version, there was only the landscape ratio. Now, they have also the square ratio, which is perfect for Instagram. And they have also included the portrait ratio, which is also excellent for Instagram stories and for Pinterest, as well.

Feature 2: Filters

The filters have been also improved in the updated version. So now, you can filter by

  • Duration
  • Customization. For example, if you’re looking for something where you can add text, you can add colors or branding, fonts, you can add different options of audio…
  • The number of images/Logos. For example, you can pick one that has 1 image, 2 images, or 5 to 10 images, and so on.

Feature 3: Audios

When you choose a template, and go on to customize your animation, you’ll see that you have various options of tracks to choose from, which is great. In their previous version, it was only one single audio track for each template.

Feature 4: Free Stock photos available inside the software

If you’d like to add or change some images for your animation, now the software gives you several options of pictures to add, from Pexels, from Unsplash, and from Pixabay. It’s nice to have these photos inside the platform because before, you’d have to leave the app, and upload your photos from outside Viddyoze.

Plans & Pricing

Another good thing about Viddyoze is that it’s a one-time payment to benefit from this great tool. To start with Viddyoze, you have two options: either the Viddyoze Personal License or the Viddyoze Commercial License. As you can see in the screenshot below, the Commercial License offers more features and advantages. The main thing I’d like to mention here is that, by using the Commercial License, you’ll have the right to sell the animations you create with Viddyoze to your clients. The Personal License costs 77$, while the Commercial License is for 99$. So with these two options, you pay one time, and you benefit from the software forever. There is a monthly subscription plan, but this plan is optional upsell that anyone can upgrade to, to enjoy more features.

>> You can access the Viddyoze website here <<

Screenshot from the Viddyoze website

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